6 Tips For The Perfect Selfie

Snap to it, it’s National Selfie Day! To celebrate, we’ve put together some easy tips and tricks for taking insta-worthy selfies.

Angle: Finding a flattering angle is major. For a natural, subtle photo try holding the camera in front of you, tilting it down slightly. If your going for more of an artistic approach then hold the camera over your head, while avoiding extreme angles–plus, you can show off some threads. Bonus: Now that your camera angle is on point tilt your head to highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes look bigger. 

  • Don’t: Always AVOID taking a selfie from below! Angling your phone upward is not only bad for your chin game but you’ll also spare anyone from a glimpse up your nose.

Lighting: Find the right light that will make your skin and hair look picture-perfect. Natural light is always best. So, take advantage of the sun-kissed summer days and head outside or position yourself near a window. For a night out or when it’s dark outside try to find soft lighting. Next to natural light, candle light is a woman’s best friend.

  • Don’t: Escape the disappointment of taking a selfie under florescent light and avoid using your camera’s harsh flash.

Finishing Touches: Take some time to touch up your makeup, calm flyaway hairs, and make sure those pearly whites are free of food or lipstick.

  • Makeup tips: Elevate your pout, kissy/duck face, or flirty half smile with a bright, bold lipstick.
  • No natural light, no problem! Glide some highlighter on your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead to give your skin a no filter needed glow.

Strike a Pose: Be confident! Rock a signature pose that makes you feel fabulous no matter what.

Background: The right background or curated backdrop can really enhance your selfie, so consider the setting to be just as important.

  • Don’t: Please steer clear of messy bathrooms, closets, etc… Nobody wants to see yours while we all have our own.

Filters: Go for a black and white filter for instant vintage chic, or play around with a warm or cool tone to emphasize the mood.

  • Don’t: While we all love a good beauty filter try not to go overboard and look artificial.